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2017 Junior Eco Engineering Academy completed

Competiton Painting

by Eco Generation | 13-03-2017 17:11 Comments 1 Comments

Last year, we selected 20 global participants who will attend 2017 Global Eco-Leaders Camp.
While organizing the camp, we had decided to change the whole concept of the event and renamed it as <Junior Eco Engineering Academy> Junior Eco-Engineering Academy is a comprehensive education course to grow future eco-leaders who can understand the principle of engineering and its impact on our society. Junior Eco Engineering Academy took place from 13th to 17th February 2017 at the Headquarter of Samsung engineering in Seoul, South Korea, as a project of Eco-generation, Corporate Social Responsibility initiative of Samsung Engineering. 20 global participants and 20 Korean participants as well as 6 global facilitators were invited to this Academy from 14 countries including Bahrain, Canada, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, UAE, USA and Vietnam. We hope to find more applicants for the next Junior Eco Engineering Academy at the end of the year!

2017 JEEA completed


T Anudeep Reddy

  • T Anudeep Reddy says :
    Wow great! I hope to be a part of Junior Eco Engineering Academy next year :)
    Posted 16-03-2017 17:57

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