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Level 1 . Agreements

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Consent to the Use of Personal Information


Samsung Engineering Co., Ltd. (“the Company”) is committed to protecting your personal information and complying with the “Act On Promotion Of Information And Communications Network Utilization And Information Protection, Etc.”, “Personal Information Protection Act” and “EU General Data Protection Regulation” and developing our Privacy policy.

1. Controller : Samsung Engineering Co., Ltd.

· Tel : +82-2-2053-3000

2. Data Protect Officer (DPO)

· Vice President Yang Ki Young

3. Items of Personal Information and Purpose of Use

The Company seeks to get consent from a data subject for the use and handling of his/her personal information in accordance with the EU GDPR Article 6.1 (a).

  1. Collected items
    Purpose Collected items Retention period
    For membership-based service and user management (default) - Essential items
    · Name, username, email address, nationality, date of birth, recommender(optional)
    Until the member withdraws his/her membership
    For online events
    (Collected after acquiring consent separately)
    - Essential items
    · Name, username, email address, nationality, phone number, address and other information needed for the event
    Until the member withdraws his/her membership
    For other events
    (Collected after acquiring consent separately)
    - Essential items
    · Gender, phone number, address and other information needed for the event
    Until the member withdraws his/her membership

※ The Company obtains additional consent from the data subject when using his/her personal information for the purpose other than the ones specified above.

4. Outsourcing of the Handling of Personal Data (Recipient)

  1. The Company outsources the handling of the personal data to a third party in order to enhance the convenience of users and efficiency in the handling of personal data. The requirements to protect personal data are stipulated in the contract with the service providers which handle the personal data.

    Outsourcing of personal information
    Company Name Service Contact
    Samsung SDS Provision of infrastructure service +82-2-6155-3114
    iMarketKorea Operation and maintenance of the website +82-2-3708-5678
    S-1 corporation Building access control +82-1588-3112

5. Storage and Disposal of Personal Data

The Company disposes the personal data after the period of data use and storage agreed by the data subject according to the process below:

  1. · When to dispose: immediately after the retainment and usage period is over or the purpose of information collection is achieved
    · Method: Electronic files shall be permanently deleted in an irreversible manner, and printed materials and documents shall be shredded or burned for complete disposal.

※ However, the COMPANY may continue to retain such personal information in the event its retention is stipulated by relevant law or the member who has provided the information gives his/her consent at the time of resignation.

6. Rights of the Personal data subject

The Company guarantees the rights listed below for the owner of the personal information.

  1. 1) Right to request access to and to revise or erase his/her personal information:
    · The data subject is entitled to confirm the use and handling of his/her personal data and to request access to his/her own information.
    · The data subject is entitled to request the rectification of his/her data if it is inaccurate or incomplete.
    · The data subject is entitled to request the data controller to delete his/her personal information. To erase your personal information on our website, you can contact us at

  2. 2) Right to request the restriction of processing or right to reject
    · The data subject is entitled to block or restrict the handling of his/her personal information. When the handling of the personal information gets restricted, the controller is only allowed to store the data.

  3. 3) Right to data portability
    · The data subject is entitled to request the transfer of the personal information to reuse it for multiple services.

  4. 4) Right to an effective judicial remedy against a controller or processor
    · The data subject is entitled to file a complaint to a supervisory agency which is located at his/her residence area, the place of work or the place where personal data infringement may occur.

7. Data transfer to third countries

The Company transfers the collected personal data overseas for more efficient management and handling of the data. After the data is transferred to outside the country, technical and managerial measures are to be taken as follows:

  1. 1) Country for data relocation, relocation method
    - Republic of Korea, dedicated network

  2. 2) Development and implementation of internal management plan
    - The Company has developed and implemented an internal management plan to ensure safe handling of personal information
    - With its dedicated team for protection of personal information, the Company makes sure proper protection measures are implemented, its personnel comply with protection policies and, when problems are identified, corrective measures are taken.

  3. 3) Control and limits on access to personal information
    - Installation and operation of access control tools
    · The Company uses a breach blocking system to block any unauthorized access and puts its best effort to secure all possible technical equipment to ensure security on its system.
    - Minimized designation and training of personal information managers
    · The Company minimizes designation of personnel in charge of handling personal information and provides regular training with in-house and outside trainers.
    · Handover of personal information management tasks is carried out in full security and the Company clearly identifies accountability for security breach after its members join the website or withdraw.
    - Control access to personal information
    · The Company controls the access to personal information by granting, changing or terminating access authority to database handling personal information. The Company also records the details of granting, changing or terminating access authority and retains the records for 3 years at minimum.

  4. 4) Encoding personal information
    - Users' personal information is protected by passwords, and files and transmitted data is encoded or locked when stored and managed. Important data is protected with additional security functions.
    - The Company is using a security system that utilizes encoded algorithms to transmit personal information on the network (SSL)

  5. 5) Storage of access records and measures to prevent record falsification
    - The Company retains and manages the record of access to personal information management system for 6 months at minimum and uses security functions to ensure access records are not falsified.

  6. 6) Installation and renewal of security programs
    - In order to prevent leakage or damage of personal information data caused by hackers or computer virus, the Company runs security programs and regularly updates them and monitors their operation.
    - The Company also runs a hacker blocking system and weakness analysis system in each server to prevent any hacker intrusion and ensure online security.

  7. 7) Physical actions including securing storage facilities with locks
    - The Company secured a separate physical storage of database that retains personal information and controls the access to the storage.

※ The Company complies with the relevant Korean law to protect personal information. The European Commission (EC) is undertaking a review on the relocation of personal data to the Republic of Korea.

8. Right to object

The personal data collected based upon the consent provided herein of is required for you to write a post or comment, join events on the website. The data subject has a right to reject the provision of his/her personal data. However, that may restrict your ability to participate in the activities mentioned above.

I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understood the contents above, and consent to the collection and use of my personal information.





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