Our Neighborhood's Biodiversity Map

* Please click the continent to see the endangered species of our neighborhood.
Species Status
African Wild Dog Endangered
Arabian Oryx Vulnerable
Barbary Sheep Vulnerable
Barbary Stag / Atlas Deer Critically Endangered
Cape Vulture Endangered
Cheetah Vulnerable
Conturbatia Crenata Critically Endangered
Eastern Bongo Critically Endangered
Grevy's Zebra Endangered
Grey Crowned Crane Endangered
Golden-rumped Sengi Endangered
Mahe Caecilian Endangered
Northern White Rhino Critically Endangered
Pancake Tortoise Critically Endangered
Pickersgill's Reed Frog Endangered
Rainey Shrew Data Deficient
Seychelles Paradise-flycatcher Critically Endangered
Seychelles Sheath-Tailed Bat Critically Endangered
Seychelles Tiger Chameleon Endangered
Seychelles White-eye Vulnerable
Seychelles Wolf Snake Endangered
Sharpe's longclaw Endangered
Shoebill Vulnerable
Slender-snouted Crocodile Critically Endangered
Striped Hyena Near Threatened
Taita Apalis Critically Endangered
Tana River Mangabey Endangered
Tropical Freshwater Snail Endangered
Turkana Mud Turtle Vulnerable
West African Lion Critically Endangered
White-backed Vulture Critically Endangered
White-throated Guenon Vulnerable
Zanzibar Red Colobus Endangered

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