Our Neighborhood's Biodiversity Map

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Asia Pacific
Species Status
Anoa (Midget buffalo) Endangered
Asian Elephant (Elephas Maximu) Vulnerable
Asian giant toad (Phrynoidis asper) Endangered
Asian palm civet (Musang) Least Concern
Asiatic Rock Python Near Threatened
Assamese Macaque Near Threatened
Bali Myna(Leucopsar Rothschildi) Critically Endangered
Barasingha (Swamp deer) Vulnerable
Bengal Florican Critically Endangered
Bengal tiger Endangered
Blackbuck Near Threatened
Black Stork (Ciconia nigra) Least Concern
Cheer Pheasant Vulnerable
Clouded Leopard Vulnerable
Dhole Endangered
Flying squirrel Least Concern
Ganges river dolphin Endangered
Gharial Critically Endangered
Giant Pied Hornbill Near Threatened
Greater One horned Rhinocero Critically Endangered
Himalayan Black Bear Vulnerable
Himalayan Field Mouse Least Concern
Himalayan musk deer Endangered
Hispid hare (Caprolagus hispidus) Endangered
Hog Deer Endangered
Javan hawk-eagle Endangered
Komodo dragon (Komodo Monitor) Vulnerable
Lesser Florican Endangered
Lesser Panda (Red Panda) Vulnerable
Malayan Gaur Vulnerable
Marbled polecat Vulnerable
Mountain Sheep (Ovis ammon) Near Threatened
Orangutan Critically Endangered
Pangolin Critically Endangered
Philippine Brown Deer Vulnerable
Philippine eagle Critically Endangered
Pink-headed duck Critically Endangered
Pygmy Hog Critically Endangered
Saola Critically Endangered
Sarus Crane Vulnerable
Silvery gibbon (Hylobates moloch) Endangered
Slender billed vulture Critically Endangered
Snow Leopard Endangered
White-Rumped Vulture Critically Endangered
Wild water buffalo Endangered
Wild yak Vulnerable
Yellow Monitor (Varanus flavescens) Least Concern

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