Our Neighborhood's Biodiversity Map

* Please click the continent to see the endangered species of our neighborhood.
Species Status
Ship Sturgeon Critically Endangered
Aeolian Wall Lizard Critically Endangered
Albanian Water Frog Endangered
Antirrhinum subbaeticum Endangered
Aquatic Warbler Vulnerable
Aran Rock Lizard Endangered
Arctic / Northern Fulmar Least Concern
Atlantic Puffin Vulnerable
Baer's Pochard Critically Endangered
Black Sea Viper Endangered
Black-spotted Pond Frog Near Threatened
Caucasian Salamander Vulnerable
Common Tortoise Data Deficient
Corncrake Least Concern
Danube Crested Newt Near Threatened
Darevsky's Viper Critically Endangered
Dartford Warbler Near Threatened
Dragon Tree Vulnerable
Emperor Goose Near Threatened
Euphrates Softshell Turtle Endangered
European Mink Critically Endangered
European Sea Sturgeon Critically Endangered
Far Eastern Myotis Near Threatened
Fea's Petrel Near Threatened
Fire Salamander Least Concern
French Cave Salamander Near Threatened
Freshwater Pearl Mussel Endangered
Great Raft Spider Vulnerable
Great Snipe Near Threatened
Hooded Crane Vulnerable
Iberian Lynx Endangered
Imperial Cave Salamander Near Threatened
Ivory Gull Near Threatened
Red-crowned Crane Endangered
Kocevje Subterranean Spider Vulnerable
Lammergeier Near Threatened
Lamyropsis microcephala Critically Endangered
Large-headed Water Snake Vulnerable
Lanza's Alpine Salamander Vulnerable
Little Bustard Near Threatened
Loggerhead Sea Turtle Vulnerable
Luschan's Salamander Vulnerable
Meadow Viper Vulnerable
Mediterranean Monk Seal Endangered
Minuartia dirphya Critically Endangered
Mottled Petrel Near Threatened
Mountain Weasel Near Threatened
Natterjack Toad Least Concern
Northern Bald Ibis Endangered
Ocellated Lizard Near Threatened
Olm Vulnerable
Oriental Stork Endangered
Pallid Harrier Near Threatened
Polar Bear Vulnerable
Red-breasted Goose Vulnerable
Sei Whale Endangered
Short-tailed Albatross Vulnerable
Red Squirrel Least Concern
Slender-billed Curlew Critically Endangered
Small Three-toed Skink Vulnerable
Sociable Lapwing Critically Endangered
Southern Water Vole Vulnerable
Spengler's Freshwater Mussel Critically Endangered
European Eel Critically Endangered
Hermit Beetle Near Threatened
Nees' Hornwort Endangered
Red Kite Near Threatened
Trindade Petrel Vulnerable
White-headed Duck Endangered

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