Our Neighborhood's Biodiversity Map

* Please click the continent to see the endangered species of our neighborhood.
Middle East
Species Status
Arabian Carpetshark Near Threatened
Arabian Leopard Critically Endangered
Arabian Sand Gecko Least Concern
Arabian Tahr Endangered
Arabian Woodpecker Near Threatened
Blanford's Fox Least Concern
Dugong Vulnerable
Egyptian Vulture Endangered
Finless Porpoise Vulnerable
Goitered Gazelle Vulnerable
Hawksbill Sea Turtle Critically Endangered
Houbara Bustard Vulnerable
Jayakar's Oman Lizard Least Concern
Mountain Gazelle Endangered
Omani Blind Cave Fish Least Concern
Oman Saw-scaled Viper Least Concern
Pharaoh Eagle-owl Least Concern
Saker Falcon Endangered
Sand Cat Least Concern
Socotra Cormorant Vulnerable
Whitecheek Shark Endangered

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