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Arkive species - Arabian oryx (Oryx leucoryx) * To See the original image, please click the image
Shared by : Simran Vedvyas (South Africa)
Region : U.A.E.
Status : Endangered
Selected Species as familiar in the past but not now is Arabian Oryx (Oryx leucoryx). They has been brought Back from Extinction by remarkable conservation efforts.

How easily you could have seen them in the past, how endangered they are: Arabian Oryx is an example of the greatest success of the Biodiversity Conservation efforts as it was brought back from extinction. Arabian Oryx is a beautiful and graceful white antelope. It has some very captivating moves and grace. It completes the beauty of the desert and one can admire this creature for hours together in the sandy dunes of Arabia.

How important role they are playing in the local ecosystem :
Understanding the potential extinction of the Arabian Oryx, there is a captive breeding program running at Al Ain Zoo. There are now approximately 4,000 Arabian Oryx in the UAE, permitting a release program to be launched. An area of 7,904 square kilometer of suitable habitat has been identified in the south-east corner of the Emirate. A release of 98 individuals was carried out in 2007 and by 2009 there were over 150 Arabian Oryx in the release site.

What kind of history they had in your region :
Arabian Oryx is also very appreciated in Arab art and literature and holds a very special place in the cultural heritage of U.A.E. too.

Original Source of picture :
ARKIVE (www.arkive.org)


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