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Shared by : Aness Nyaboga (Kenya)
Region : Kenya
Status : Critically Endangered
Eastern Bongo/ East African Mountain Bongo Antelope Ranked under critically endangered on the IUCN Red List is the Eastern Bongo. They were once common in the forests of Kenya and Uganda but are now found only in Kenya. They are found on the Eastern Arc Mountains which are a considered a biodiversity hot spot in the world. It is among the largest of the African antelope species and is distinguished by its beautiful brown coat and white stripes, as well as its twisted horns that can grow up to three feet in length. Altogether, it is believed that there are 150 or less individuals in the wild today. The numbers are low as a result of heavy unrestricted hunting, poaching and predation. They are currently fully protected by the Kenya Wildlife Service as well as other related organizations.

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