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Shared by : Shafira Charlette (Seychelles)
Region : Seychelles
Status : Endangered
The Hypogeophis Brevis also known as Mahe Caecilian is an endemic species of the Seychelles and is categorised as endangered by the IUCN. It lives in rainforest and burrows in moist soil. This species does not tolerate habitat disturbance which means that they cannot be seen in highly disturbed areas. Its population continues to decline and quite rare to find one thus surveying this species is quite difficult. The caecilian was last recorded on Mahe Island in 1991 and there is unconfirmed record of the species on Silhouette island date from surveys in 1990 and 2000, the caecilian has not been searched for or encountered there since Mahe Caecilian was located only on Mahe and Silhouette Island. One of the threats that the species may have encountered, except for habitat disturbance, would be habitat destruction, in other words deforestation, habitat degradation caused by forest fires and invasive plant species (e.g.: Cinnamomum verum, a plant introduced in commercial plantation and is now spreading / modifying habitat by dominating the forests).

Sources : Wikipedia & IUCN


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