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Shared by : aness nyaboga (Kenya)
Region : Tanzania and Kenya
Status : Critically Endangered
Pancake Tortoise Classified under Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List is the pancake tortoise. It is named so because of its unusually thin, flat and flexible shell which makes it lighter and more agile than other tortoises. Because of its easily breakable shell, it relies on speed to escape predators and flexibility to crawl into small rock crevices. They live in isolated colonies in Southern Kenya and Northern Tanzania on rocky hillsides or arid scrub and savanna. Their greatest threats are habitat destruction through clearance of land for cultivation and overgrazing, as well as over harvesting for trade due to the high appeal created by their peculiar color and behavior. Their low reproductive rate makes recovery take a long time. To protect the species, in 1981, Kenya banned the export of this species. It has also been bred in captivity locally and in European zoos.


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