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Shared by : Barbara Glover (South Africa)
Region : South Africa
Status : Endangered
This is one of the most endangered amphibians in South Africa today and it gained its endangered status in 2004. They are usually found on coastlines in the beautiful Kwazulu Natal provinces of South Africa. Large-scale farming and increasing rates of urban development has caused the numbers of the Pickersgill's reed frog to drastically reduce. When water from swamps gets drained for farming purposes, this affects the populations of these frogs. It is currently confined to a small area(9 ㎢) and some breeding sites are being polluted by DDT, which is used for controlling mosquitoes that cause malaria.

Current conservation efforts : Two of the wetlands they live in are now protected areas. Also, the African Association of Zoos and Aquaria has included the Pickersgill's reed frog in captive breeding project for the conservation of a threatened amphibian species.


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