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Shared by : Shafira Charlette (Seychelles)
Region : Seychelles
Status : Endangered
Seychelles Tiger Chameleon, Archaius tigris Endangered species of chameleon found only on the Seychelles Islands Mahe, Silhouette and Praslin. It is the only species in the resurrected genus Archaius, which has been established in 1865. It is also listed as endangered on the IUCN Red List. Though it has a lenght of 16 centimetres, this species is relatively small for a chameleon! One of its most distinctive features is the pointed projection on its chin, which can be up to 3mm long and sits amongst a comb of smaller, spiky outgrowths that border the underside of the chin. It is normally found in forest and where there is high plant diversity and upland rural gardens. Reproduction on the island of Mahe is associated with introduced pineapple plants, in which the tiger chameleon lays its eggs. These plants are not used on Silhouette or Praslin, and the natural nesting sites remain unknown, although the endemic Pandanus and palms are thought to also be used. In captivity, clutches contain between five and twelve eggs!! Tiger Chameleon is mostly threatened by habitat degradation caused by introduced alien plants, such as cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum). The chameleon and its habitat are protected within the Morne Seychelles (Mahe) and Praslin National Parks. Alien plant control on Praslin and habitat restoration programmes on Silhouette are being undertaken to help contain threats to this species.


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