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Shared by : aness nyaboga (Kenya)
Region : Kenya
Status : Endangered
Tana Crested Mangabey/ Tana River Mangabey It is a long-tailed monkey with yellow brown fur. It's distinguishing feature is that it has a parting in the fur in the center of its head with longer fur on either sides, the crest, and white eyelids. It lives in groups of 10-36 individuals and is endemic to Kenya, found only in the dry forests and woodlands in the floodplains of the lower Tana River region. The species is restricted to about 60 km of the Tana River and rapid habitat destruction means that they have an even smaller area to live in. Their population density has been connected to the amount of forest area present and density of trees. Therefore with the continued habitat loss, their population is expected to continue to decline. In 1994, they were estimated at about 1000-1200 individuals only. Conservation efforts began back in 1976 when the Tana River National Primate Reserve was established and a number of other organizations established later on. Solutions for the continual forest cover loss and harvest of forest products are continually being researched and implemented.

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