Our Neighborhood's Biodiversity Map

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Natural History Museum (2014).
Dataset : Collection specimens.
Resource : Specimens.
Retrieved : 01:45 25 Jul 2017 (GMT)
Shared by : Shafira Charlette (Seychelles)
Region : Seychelles
Status : Endangered
Paludomus ajanensis, Tropical Freshwater Snail This species is assessed as critically endangered because its population is estimated to be only 100 adults a single pollution event in 2002 caused a 20% decline in populations and numbers. The remaining populations undergo extreme fluctuations in the number of mature individuals, most likely due to flood waters causing periodic high mortality. It is found in only three locations: Mahe, Le Niol and Silhouette. It is therefore listed as critically endangered. Pollution has caused the loss of one of the sites the species inhabited. The remaining populations are currently secure from this threat, but vulnerable to changes in water conditions caused by development or habitat change. Though, no conservation action has been taken. Silhouette island is required to protect 75% of the known populations. Research is also needed into the species' life history and ecology.


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