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Shared by : Olalekan Sipasi (Nigeria)
Region : West Africa
Status : Critically Endangered
The West African Lion is one of the wildlife’s that has suffered a major encroachment in Nigeria. This is so pathetic, due to the fact that it’s not a national issue but the issue of our continent Africa. In about 30 years back, the continent of Africa boasts of over 200,000 lions with over a thousand presently left on the continent. Nigeria, the giant of Africa has just 34 lions left in the country, if one was not hunted yesterday. Well over 5,600 West African Lions were hunted and exported has trophies between 1999 and 2008 - what a destruction to our ecosystem.

The cause of West African Lion extinction is unique in itself, due to neglects by the government, loss of habitat, human conflicts, political apathy, conservation and export to Asian traditional medicine market due to scarcity in tigers bone, to mention but a few. They are critically endangered, almost in extinction. Lions are important because they check the number of other herbivores species such as Zebra and Buffalos that prey’s other animals - which could lead to their extinction. Lions are known as the king of the jungle, which made the world recon with Africa, it has boosted our tourism, but its reduction / extinction would be injurious to our tourism sector.


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    Nice work sipasi. Thumbs up from ONE 9 GERIA. join the family and let's make Nigeria a better place
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