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Shared by : Francisca Mlingwa (Tanzania)
Region : Tanzania
Status : Endangered
Zanzibar red colobus also known as kirks red colobus were named after British resident of Zanzibar who first did zoological study on the monkeys. It is believed that the red colobus have been isolated after sea level rise; this specie diverged and created a species of its own around 600, 000 years ago. They are closely related to mainland uduzungwa red colobus monkeys (gordonorm).
Zanzibar red colobus monkey is a medium sized monkey with a distinct build smaller head and a long backed pot-bellied body and long limbs. They are unique species found only on the island of Zanzibar. This is why they carry a distinctive name of Zanzibar red colobus. In Zanzibar the specie only lives in the archipelago and now conservationist are making efforts to protect them. The Zanzibar red colobus has been classified recently making it two have two genus which are colobus and procolobus. It has been listed as critically endangered species.
Zanzibar red colobus are endangered because most of them like to live outside the parks, mainly within agricultural areas. It was reported in 2009 that about 50 monkeys were killed by farmers. Also loss of habitat is a threat since increase human population and agricultural demands of land has threatened the monkey's habitat, but also demand for firewood, charcoal, and timber for human activities.
The Zanzibar red colobus play an important role of seed dispersal, since they mostly feed on leaves and fruits with seed constitute, they also feed on flowers, and flower buds.
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