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Shared by : Vanessa Goeyardi (Indonesia)
Region : Indonesia
Status : Least Concern
"BANGKONG SUNGAI" or "Bangkong River Toad" is the name of frog, type of tribal frog Bufonidae. Its scientific name is Bufo Asper Gravenhorst.

Other names: Buduk River Toad, frog large galls, or a stone frog In the English language, it is called Java Toad, River Toad or Malayan Giant Toad.

It has some important roles in the environment. They eat mosquitoes and flies. They maintain the harmony of nature, especially when it rains. They may know it would rain and they would sound as a sign of rain. It has a unique history in my country. People believe that its dried skin can be burned and the smoke generated from burning the skin has an effect to anesthetize humans. The bad thing is that some thieves use this trick so that they can steal in someone's house smoothly. The funny thing is that these frogs often play dead when captured. If you hold them on your hand or palm, they will stop moving and play dead. But when they feel everything is okay, then, they will jump suddenly. People said that it was easy to find them around, but now it's a rare moment to see them around. We destroy their habitats. That is why they sometimes hide themselves under the shrub in our houses.


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