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Shared by : Daniel Nur Sentana (indonesia)
Region : Indonesia
Status : Least Concern
Have you heard Kopi Luwak? This is specialty coffee that in production process involving Musang. Musang's latin name is Paradoxurus hermaphroditus or Asian Palm Civet in English. Kopi Luwak is coffee bean that been digested by Musang. We, Indonesian, especially Jakartans call it Musang. In the past, when I was kid, I can see this species very easily. I can see this animal in front my house. Usually they move from one tree to another tree by walking at cable of electric pole. Sadly, nowadays this species is really hard to find. Since developers built a lot of building and they are gone. Besides of that, a lot of people think that this species is dangerous, so they will kill musang if they see them. If you visit Jakarta now, you can't see musang walk freely in the street or cable anymore. You can just see them in Kopi Luwak factory because, of course, they have these Musang. Do you want to see this cute Musang? ^^ I have never took a photo of Musang but you can see it through the link that I attached. What do you think after seeing them? They are kind and cute, right? So, let's be friendly with our nature. :)

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