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Pratik jain dahod python * To See the original image, please click the image
Shared by : Rahul Acharya (Nepal)
Region : India, southern Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Bangladesh and probably in the north of Myanmar
Status : Near Threatened
It is the largest and heaviest snakes with its long mouth small eyes and short tail found in South Asia. The general body color is light brown or yellowish with a series of dark brown, circular spots. Each spots is edged with black and yellow. The ventral surface is whitish or yellowish. Habitat is wet evergreen forests in marshy areas (found in Chitwan National Park) and their food is mammals, birds and reptiles. Peculiar Characteristic is non poisonous. They can swallow kids of goats and deer entirely. Python are oviparous rather than viviparous. Most of the female species coil around the eggs and some actually brood them. When air temperature begins to drop, she generates heat by shivering in a series of minuscule of contraction and thus maintains an elevated and fairly constant incubation temperature.
1) Habitat destruction, 2) burn and slash agriculture system, 3) illegal trade of their skin.
Conservation strategies: Curbing Harvesting as done in Thailand can be adopted in Nepal.

References :
IUCN Red List, Ticouli Biodiversity Centre, Chitwan


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