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Bengal Florican(male) clicked at Manas National park Assam by Hedayeat Ullah * To See the original image, please click the image
Shared by : Prashant Bhandari (Nepal)
Region : Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia
Status : Critically Endangered
Bengal Florican, Khar majur in Nepali is a rare ground nesting bird. It is listed under Critically Endangered species by IUCN. In Nepal they are found in Chitwan National Park, Bardiya National Park, Sukhlahanta National Park and Koshi Tappu wildlife Reserve , there number is however very small. It lives in lowland dry natural grasslands. They are remotely similar to lesser florican. Bengal Florican length ranges from 66-68 cm and weigh around 1.2-2.5 kg. it is mostly black with large white wings with black tips. Female and immature are brown in color.

The key threats are the extensive loss and modification of grasslands through drainage, conversion of agriculture and plantations, overgrazing, inappropriate cutting, burning and ploughing regimes, heavy flooding, invasion of alien species, scrub expansion, dam construction and inappropriate and illegal development. (Brahma and Lahkar et. al 2009) Studies have shown that human interference in Chitwan National Park is high which affects this species along with many others. “Fires in the protected areas seem essential to maintain grassland ecosystem.” (Baral H.S. et. al), so controlled cutting and prescribed burning is recommended before march every year. Study has also revealed that burned grassland is selected by males during breeding season, unburned grasslands and other habitats providing cover are selected by females. Researchers have said preventing succession from Imperata grassland to tall grassland is vital.

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