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Shared by : Rahul Acharya, Sujan Adhikari (Nepal)
Region : Nepal, India, Myanmar, Bhutan, Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia, Indochina, China
Status : Vulnerable
Clouded leopard is strikingly marked cat, very much similar in coloring and coat pattern to the smaller unrelated marbled cat. A rather short legged cat, the clouded leopard has a long head and large upper canine teeth that are proportionately longet than those of any other cats. The coat of the adult is hort and grayish brown, spotted on the body with large, dark patched partly edged with black: the head, legs and long tails are spotted. The male clouded leopard may attain a length of about 106 cm excluding the 90ncentimeter tail, a shoulder height of about 80 cm and a weight about 23Kg the female is smaller. Habitat: They are found in the dense forest of tropical and subtropical zones of eastern Nepal. It is protected in the Makalu Barun National Park and conservation area, Annapurna Conservation area and Lantang National Park. Life span: they live for about eight years. Reproduction: The gestation period is 85 to 93 days long with 1 to 5 cubs per litter, although 2 is the most common number. Population: Population trend is decreasing. Major threat: The clouded leopard is hunted for the illegal wildlife trade - large numbers of skins have been seen in market surveys, and there is also trade in bones for medicines, meat for exotic dishes and live animals for the pet trade. Wild animals are likely the primary source, but there is also some illegal trade from captive animals (Nowell 2007). Conservation Strategies: Included on CITES Appendix I and protected by national legislation over most of its range (Nowell and Jackson 1996). Hunting is restricted in many countries including Nepal, Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, India, etc.

References :
IUCN Red List


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