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Shared by : Sujan Adhikari (Nepal)
Region : Nepal
Status : Least Concern
Body covered in red-brown fur, with white feet. Long bushy tail up to 14.5 cm in length. Species Ecology The Himalayan Field Mouse occurs within coniferous forests where it is marginally sympatric and syntopic with the Long-tailed Field Mouse Conservation Status Global: Endangered National: Endangered Rationale for assessment: The Himalayan Field Mouse (Apodemus gurkha) has been nationally assessed as Endangered as it is known to have a small extent of occurrence of less than 5,000 km2, occurs in only a few locations in central Nepal and is facing a continuing decline in habitat quality and area due to human disturbance. The population is also threatened by indiscriminate persecution as a pest species. This species occurs between elevations of 2,200 m to 3,600 m in the districts of Baglung, Gorkha (Laprak village), Kaski, Parbat, Rukum and more specific areas of Chitre, Ghorepani, Larjung, Maharigaon, Tukuche, and upper Ulleri. This species occurs within Annapurna Conservation Area (in several sites) and possibly also Manaslu Conservation Area. Distribution outside Nepal This species is endemic to Nepal.
• Habitat loss and degradation due to clearing for agriculture and livestock, and overgrazing.
• Persecution as a pest species. Conservation Measures in Place The species is recommended for inclusion in the protected species list of National Park and Wildlife Conservation Act 1973 through its amendment.

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