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Shared by : Prashant Bhandari (Nepal)
Region : Nepal, Bhutan, India, China
Status : Endangered
Himalayan musk deer is found in alpine forests at an elevation of 2200-4300 meters above sea level. Body coat is dark brown in color, it possess large ear and short tail. There is no horn or antler but male has canines and body extends about 86-100 cm in length and 51-53 cm shoulder height. It is listed by IUCN as an endangered species. In Nepal, it lives in Annapurna conservation Area, Sagarmatha National Park, Shey Phoksundo National Park, Rara National Park, Annapurna Conservation Area.

Traditionally, Himalayan musk deer is hunted for musk which is used to produce perfumes and other products. Only the adult males produce the musk but females and even younger ones have been killed for musk. Poaching has caused declined its number although it has been legally protected in our country. Effective and reformed strategies are needed so as to prevent it form being critically endangered.

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