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Shared by : Ulfiana Ayu Kusumawati (Indonesia)
Region : Indonesia
Status : Endangered
Elang Jawa Elang Jawa or Javanese eagle( Nisaetus bartelsi ) is one of a medium-sized hawk species endemic to the island of Java. Many of these animals which connects with the emblem of the Republic of Indonesia, namely ‘Garuda’, although in reality the two are completely different. Elang Jawa or Javanese eagle's head reddish brown, with a high crest prominent ( 2-4 bristles, length up to 12 cm ) and nape are yellowish brown, sometimes appears golden when exposed to sunlight. Black with white tip crest, crown and black mustache, while dark brown back and wings tail is brown with dark lines and four transverse width obvious on the lower side , the tail end of a thin white stripes. Javanese eagle colored females are similar, but slightly larger. Javanese eagle have a high shrill sound repetitive, varying between one to three syllables. Or high-pitched sounds and fast.

This eagle limited distribution in Java, from the west end (Ujung Kulon National Park) to the east end of Semenanjung Blambangan Purwo. Javanese eagles are mostly found in the southern hemisphere half of the island of Java. The bird seemed to specialize in the area of life cycle. Elang Jawa(Javanese eagle) like a tropical rain forest ecosystem evergreen, in lowland and in places higher, ranging from regions near the coast such as Ujung Kulon and Betiri Maru, to the lower and upper montane forest up to an altitude of 2200 m, or up to 3000 m below sea level. These birds of prey hunting perch on tall trees in the forest. With a swift and agile ambush prey that are in various branches of the tree and on the ground. Estimated number of eagles is between 600-1000 tail. This small populations face a major threat to the sustainability, which is caused by loss of habitat and exploitation, illegal logging and conversion of forests into agricultural land has shrunk primary forests in Java. Javanese eagles hunted man continues to be traded on the black market as the pet. Because of its rarity , maintaining this bird seems to be a moment of pride, and make this bird prices soared.

In Java alone the existence of Javanese eagle endangered habitat in Kaliurang, Sleman. Currently there Javanese eagle population live 10 animals, while the overall population of rare and protected animals is no more than 100 individuals, this amount is expected to continue to shrink given the difficulty many poachers and menangkarkan this bird species. If trade and forest conversion is not stopped , it is not impossible that one day Javanese eagles can be seen only in the form of drawings or photos or just be remembered as a bird which is identical with the state symbol, Garuda.


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