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Shared by : Prashant Bhandari (Nepal)
Region : India
Status : Endangered
The Lesser Florican is a large bird which lives in tall grassland. It is endemic to Indian sub-continent and is a summer visitor in Chitwan National Park. However it is not sighted as much these days. IUCN has listed it as an endangered species. It is slender, about 46-51 cm in length. Bill and legs are long. Neck and Head in male is black in male and white collar across upper mantle. Female are larger. It sometimes look like a peacock and also called as “Grass peacock” in some parts Its population is rapidly declining and further decline is expected as its habitat tall grasslands are continuously altered. The species suffers from disturbance and insufficient protection resulting in overgrazing and subsequent degradation.

it is also threatened by inappropriate management, such as ploughing in protected areas, leading to habitat loss of suitable loss of suitable habitat, pressure on lowland grasslands in Nepal continues to increase. In addition, the invasive plant Mikania micrantha has had serious impacts on Chitwan National Park. The species continues to be threatened by hunting in Nepal. (H.S. Baral et. Al ) In Nepal Conservation strategy and strategy for increasing natural grassland has been made. We clearly need to do a lot more.

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