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Shared by : Yose Ardhani Farasi (Indonesia)
Region : Indonesia
Status : CR, Critically Endangered
『In the eyes of orangutans are soul, live, and the lifes. - DR . Birute Mary Galdikas, president of the Orangutan Foundation International』

Orangutan is an "umbrella species "in conservation of tropical rain forests in Indonesia, particularly Sumatra and Borneo jungle. Given the condition of the forest as a natural habitat of orangutans and the need for extensive cruising area as well as a diversity of flora and fauna live with, orangutans can be considered as the best representative of the structure of tropical rain forest biodiversity is of high quality. Existence and orangutan population density can be used as a measure of the tropical rain forest conservation without further analysis of the structural diversity of flora and fauna in a particular region. This could mean that the conservation of wild populations is identical to conserving tropical rain forest ecosystem has a unique diversity of structure (Whitten et al. 1997 Rijksen & Meijaard 1999). Sumatran Orangutan (Pongo abelli ), one primate that has a high intelligence , able to socialize while eating , build nests to sleep and use the tool to its needs . They are one of the endemic animals that exist only in Sumatra. They are currently threatened with extinction. From 1997 to 2000 the population in the wild has declined by 50. Orangutans are estimated from 3500 still exist today so by conservation agencies as a world ICUN categorized as critically endangered. In the past, Sumatran orangutan (different from Borneo orangutan, Pongo pygmeus), estimated to be in the entire lowland forest and swamp forest in Sumatra island. Currently orangutans confined to a few locations in the north of Sumatra alone.

Location discovery
Orangutans are most often located in the west of Batang Toru Forest Block. In contrast to the population in the north (Mount Leuser), studies and activities in Batang Toru orangutans protection still far less. Activity in Batang Toru orangutans protection of collides with the dilemma of conservation with livelihood because of the area in Batang Toru orangutans habitat is also used as a source of livelihood by a man who lives nearby. The main threat to the existence of orangutans today is the conservation of forests into agricultural land and the presence of illegal hunting of orangutans for food. The situation becomes complex in the presence of other threats of illegal mining activities and logging in the forest habitat of orangutans. Orangutans are especially vulnerable to extinction because of the low population growth rate, which is a female orangutan gives birth to a child only once every 8 years.

Original Source of picture :
Orangutan Foundation International


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