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Shared by : Jayson Villeza (Philippines)
Region : Philippines
Status : Vulnerable
Rusa Marianna The Philippine deer, also known as the Philippine sambar or the Philippine Brown Deer, is a species of deer native to the forests and grasslands on most part of the Philippines. The only major islands where it is not distributed are Negros, Panay, Palawan, Sulu, and the Babuyan and Batanes island groups. It is classified as Vulnerable by the IUCN due to its increasingly fragmented populations as a result of habitat loss and hunting. There is currently a lack of detailed information about the life history of the Philippine brown deer.

It is known that breeding most commonly occurs from September to January, with females giving birth to a single fawn marked with light coloured spots, which disappear after a few weeks. During the rut (mating season), females may form small groups of up to eight individuals, but the males remain solitary and are aggressive. Resting during the day, hidden in dense vegetation, the Philippine brown deer commences activity in the evenings which continues throughout the night until dawn. This species generally favours the edges of forests or forest clearings, browsing upon a variety of vegetation such as grasses, leaves, fallen fruit and berries. In the regions where it has been introduced, the Philippine brown deer has caused significant damage to indigenous ecosystems, preventing forest regeneration as well as eating large amounts of crops. The species is threatened due to continuing and severe loss of habitat due to illegal logging, human encroachment, agricultural encroachment and mining (Villamor, 1991). It is intensively hunted throughout its range for meat, hides, trophies, and trade, and legal protective measures are often not enforced (Villamor, 1991).

Some subpopulations or subspecies are now severely threatened. Removal of animals from the wild for commercial purposes and the establishment of deer farms near protected areas (consisting of this species and introduced/foreign species) are a potential threat through the spread of disease and hybridization. Further studies must be conducted on this endemic species to provide more information on its importance and role in the ecosystem.


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