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Shared by : Huyen Trang Dang (Vietnam)
Region : Vietnam
Status : Critically Endangered
I have never seen this beautiful animal in the real-life, which is called Saola. The first time I knew this type of animal was when I watched news on national channel, in which, they mentioned the name and its photos. I even mistook it a deer until I have read further information about them in newspaper and the Internet. It is interesting to know that Saola is named Asian Unicorn because it has two parallel horns. Currently, they are available just in two countries including Vietnam. Specifically, it is regarded as a precious symbol in term of uniqueness and biodiversity as it cannot be found in other places in the world. Therefore, Saola is highly considered to be one of the rarest mammals in the world.

Besides, the role of Saola related to biodiversity is more appreciated than previously. Firstly discovered in Vietnam, in the late 1992, Saola has caused amazement to both scientists and the public. Since then, this kind of mammal has coped with the risk because it is so rare in the world now. Every year, they may encounter dangers from the surrounding environment because the number of Saola would decrease due to hunting in the forest or being trapped. Several people are afraid that Saola may disappear in Vietnam and become extinct in the world as well. Thus, in recent years, there are many plans carried out in order to conserve this wondrous kind. I truly hope that pretty Saolas will survive lively in Vietnam, which will contribute critically to the world's biodiversity.

Original Source of picture :
NATURE WORLD NEWS(http://www.natureworldnews.com/)


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