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Shared by : Huyen Trang Dang (Vietnam)
Region : Vietnam
Status : Vulnerable
I recalled a mythology in Vietnam, stating that Sarus Crane, which is also known as Sếu Ðằu Ðỏ in Vietnamese, is the bird sent from the heaven to ferry to God those destined for eternal life. Therefore, with such a heavenly mission, it is a species with outstanding height, with a red head and slender body.
In the early 2000, I saw many pictures of Sarus Crane in several magazines and television programs about nature discovery. I felt really amazed at the photos about many Sarus Cranes standing in the marshes, finding their food or beautifully flying in a team. Even after closing the magazines pages, I could imaginarily visualize these tallest birds in the world gently tiptoeing on the wet grass while the early dew drops would be evaporating in the air. That was indeed picturesque. At that time, Sarus Cranes were reported to live in wetlands in Vietnam and some Southeast Asian countries.
However, recently, due to the loss and degradation of wetlands in Vietnam caused by agricultural expansion, industrial development and other factors, they are endangered. Meanwhile in term of the local ecosystem, Sarus Crane plays an important role to contribute to diversity. Therefore, there are current implementation projects in order to protect, maintain wetlands which are so convenient for Sarus Crane while they are now rare.
I hope that every year, the numbers of Sarus Cranes in Vietnam will be confirmed to increase steadily instead of being in such a current endangered situation. And next generations could have a chance to see more photos or programs or even admire their beauty in reality.

Original Source of picture :
tinmoitruong (http://media.tinmoitruong.vn/)


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