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Snow leopard in Afghanistan * To See the original image, please click the image
Shared by : Prashant Bhandari (Nepal)
Region : Central and South Asia
Status : Vulnerable
Snow Leopard lives in mountain region. In Nepal, they are found in Sagarmatha National Park, Annapurna Conservation Area, Api Nampa Conservation Area, Shey-phoksundo National Park. It is listed as endangered species by IUCN. Snow Leopard is stocky and short legged and slightly smaller than other big cats. The body is about 75-130 cm in length and weighs around 27-55 kg. Their tail is long measuring 80-100 cm which helps them in maintaining balance in the rocky area where they live, tail is also furry which they use to cover their face while sleeping. In Nepal Snow Leopard has sufficient food available so area per animal is low meaning there are more number of snow leopard in a relatively small area. Territory marking is common in snow leopard, just like in other cats, they use scent marks Snow Leopard enters into villages for hunting domesticated animals, time and again which has led to retaliatory killings.

Also poaching for making Chinese medicine, for their body parts have become lucrative due to adjoining borders. Government of Nepal, Various NGOs are actively working to discourage and stop poaching, aware local communities about the species, in fact WWF has produced Snow Leopard : Field Study Techniques For Nepal, which is a comprehensive and valuable filed guide.

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