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Shared by : Swosthi Thapa (Nepal)
Region : Central Asia
Status : NT (Near threatened)
They are inhabitant of mountains, steppe valleys and rocky outcrops and also occur in open desert habitats at south-eastern end of its range. Most of them live on alpine grassland between 3000-5500, often descending lower in winter due to accumulation of snow. They generally avoid forested areas and prefer to occupy open areas with gentle slopes; females generally occupy steeper terrain following lambing. They feed on grasses, sedges, and some herbs and lichens and they regularly drink from one springs and rivers. They are gregarious and live in groups from 2-150 individuals. Gestation is about 160 days and female give birth to one offspring. Mothers separate from the herd to give birth and remain alone with her offspring for several days. Female are sexually mature at 2 years, while male may not sexually mature until 5 years. Maximum life span is 10-13 years.
The main threats are over-hunting and poaching (for meat and horns); competition with other livestock, displacement and possibly disease transmission by domestic livestock. Generally, they are extremely intolerant of human disturbances which has caused threats for them. Other causes are their habitat loss, overgrazing by domestic livestock, harsh climatic conditions, increase in resource extraction, mining activities and so on.
Hunting of Wild Sheep has been banned in most of the countries which has helped their increasing population. Awareness generation activities and working with local people for their conservation solutions can be done. Conservation management should be enhanced in protected areas having population densities. Initiation of ecological research, monitoring population, study the impacts of threats, public education programme are being conducted in many areas. There should be proper implementation of rules and regulations.

References :
Department of National Park and Wildlife Conservation, Nepal


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