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Shared by : Bharat Adhikari (Nepal)
Habitat : Spain
Status : Endangered
Antirrhinum subbaeticum is a species of plant in the Plantaginaceae family. Most naturally found in Spain on a rocky area. Antirrhinum subbaeticum is beautiful perennial herb found only in the eastern Andalusia mountain ranges of Spain. It is a member of the genus Antirrhinum, which comprises some 25 species that are mainly found in the western Mediterranean region borne on a branching stem measuring 20 to 30 cm in height.
This species is endemic to the Eastern Andalusia mountain range. It is located in the province of Albacete, in Canyons of the Mundo and Bogarra rivers, in the province of Murcia and in the streams of Hondares (moratalla). Natively occurs in Spain. This perennial, terrestrial herb grows in calcareous vertical rock fissures, in moderately shady conditions.
Endangered Status
Among the species of plant available, they are classified into 4 known sub populations. Out of which two contains a least i.e. Less than 50 population.
Bogarra: 41 individuals
Potiche: 500 individuals
Benizar: 37 individuals
Hondares: 124 individuals
Observing the present situation, this species is in the trend of decreasing.
The evolutionary history of Antirrhinum suggests that ancestral phenotype combinations survived repeated hybridizations. The genus name comes from the Greek words ‘anti’, which means ‘opposite’, and ‘rhis’, meaning ‘snout’, and refers to the lopsided petals on the flowers. Its flowers are densely clustered into an attractive inflorescence.
Many botanists collect tis plant for experiment that has also became the reason to threat. The intensive pasture by mountain goats, prolonged droughts and parasitism by some insects may also lead to cause it. Sometime the influence of tourist also tends to threats.

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