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Shared by : Bharat Adhikari (Nepal) and Sumit Chowdhury (Bangladesh)
Habitat : Georgia, Turkey
Status : : Vulnerable
This salamander is of medium size, with a thin, elongated body. It is a relict species, endemic to the south-western Caucasus, in Georgia and Turkey. The subspecies M. c. janashvilii is found at Mt. Mtirala near Batumi and probably along the Black Sea coast. The species is secretive and strictly nocturnal, and mates on land. The male uses the protuberance on the upper side of the tail for opening the female's cloaca and passes the spermatophore directly to the female. Their diets consist of invertebrates living in soil or shallow water; an important part of the diet is amphipods.
The Caucasian salamander lives along the banks of mountain brooks and small rivers with fast currents, both in the forest belt and above timberline, up to about 2400 m above sea level. The species tends to avoid large streams and lives mainly in the tributaries of rivers, usually no more than 1-1.5m in width and about 20-30cm in depth in spring.
Habitat loss and destruction of trees.

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