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Shared by : Bharat Adhikari (Nepal)
Habitat : North Atlantic in the Cape Verde Islands
Status : Near Threatened (NT)
It is a small seabird in the gadfly petrel genus, Pterodroma. It was previously considered to be a subspecies of the soft-plumaged petrel, P. mollis, but they are actually not closely related at all. However, P. feae is very closely related to Zino's petrel and Desertas petrel, two other species recently split from P. mollis. The gadfly petrels are named for their speedy weaving flight, as if evading horseflies and the flight action is also reflected in the genus name Pterodroma, from Ancient Greek pteron, "wing" and dromos, " runner" This species is named after the Italian zoologist Leonardo Fea (1852-1903), whose surname is pronounced "FAY-ah".
This long-winged petrel is 33-36 cm in length with an 86-94 cm wingspan. It has a grey back and wings, with a dark "W" marking across the wings. The undersides of the wings are dark and the belly is white. It has a fast-impetuous flight. It picks planktonic food items from the ocean surface. This species is very similar to the Zino's petrel but is larger and has a thicker black bill.
This bird breeds in the north Atlantic in the Cape Verde Islands and Madeira Islands (Bugio Island).

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