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Shared by : Bharat Adhikari (Nepal)
Habitat : France, Italy
Status : Near Threatened (NT)
Total length of males to 116 mm for males (average 96 mm), up to 123 mm for females (average 100 mm). Head oval when viewed from above and about 1/8 of the total length. Snout rounded and with a slight overbite, especially in males. Adult males have a mental gland on the chin. Tail oval in cross section and slightly less than half the total length. Trunk on cross section square, with 11 lateral folds. Limbs well developed, hind legs slightly longer than front legs. Front feet with 4, hind feet with 5 flattened digits. Coloration as in other Hydromantes species highly variable. Base color from light brown to black. Often with spotted, blotched, striped or reticulated pattern. Pattern may be in red, yellow, gray or green and these colors can occur on the same animal, often with a metallic sheen (Boehme et al 1999).
Terrestrial and is found in the vicinity of streams and seepages, and amongst rocky outcrops and caves in mountainous areas.
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