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Shared by : Bharat Adhikari (Nepal)
Habitat : Russia, Norway, Finland
Status : Near Threatened (NT)
The great snipe (Gallinago media) is a small stocky wader in the genus Gallinago. This bird's breeding habitat is marshes and wet meadows with short vegetation in north-eastern Europe, including north-western Russia. Great snipes are migratory, wintering in Africa. The European breeding population is in steep decline.
At 26-30 cm (10-12 in) in length and a 42-50 cm (17-20 in) wingspan, adults are only slightly larger, but much bulkier, than the common snipe and have a shorter bill. The body is mottled brown on top and barred underneath. They have a dark stripe through the eye. The wings are broad, and a pale wing bar is visible in flight.
The voice is described as a faint yeah. Mating display calls of groups can be heard at long distances (more than 300 m (330 yd)) and include a rising and falling series of chirping calls and accelerating clicking noises.
Wetland areas, Marshes.
Destruction of nesting habitats, hunting

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