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Shared by : Bharat Adhikari (Nepal)
Habitat : Italia
Status : Critically Endangered (2011)
Lamyropsis microcephala is endemic to Sardinia and is found only in the Gennargentu mountains on the slopes of Mount Bruncu Spina. It is a species of flowering plant in the thistle family. It is found only on the Italian island of Sardinia. This plant has a range of about 3 km² and occurs at two locations (Bacchetta et al. in: Rossi et al. 2008). It is native to Italy. The whole population probably consists of eight to ten colonies. L. microcephala grows only in two growing sites at the northeastern and southwestern slope of Mount Bruncu Spina, in the Nuoro Province, Sardinia (Bacchetta et al in: Rossi et al. 2008). The two populations are at the brink of extinction if the current threats will persist.
This perennial herb grows on eroded rock at 1,500-1,700 m altitude, in a band of montane dwarf shrub and steppe vegetation.
This species has a highly complex branched rhizome system producing many stems, so it is very difficult to distinguish separate individuals. It is found in terrestrial habitat.
Just to the east of the small area where this species occurs a ski run has been built, which is a serious threat. This species is also threatened by rooting of wild pigs, soil erosion, landslides and further development of tourist infrastructure, where agricultural land development has already destroyed its natural habitat. Moreover, this plant has a limited reproductive capacity. The few seeds produced have a very low germination rate, and vegetative growth is very slow.
The germination percentage of the seeds of the species is about 20%.

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