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Shared by : Bharat Adhikari (Nepal)
Habitat : New Zealand
Status : Near Threatened (NT)
This species is endemic to New Zealand. It is a species of seabird and a member of the gadfly petrels. This bird is 33-35 cm in size, with a 74-82 cm wingspan.
his species is highly pelagic, rarely approaching land, except to nest and rear young. The mottled petrel feeds mostly on fish and squid, with some crustaceans taken. It is a trans equatorial migrant, breeding in New Zealand and some of the lesser islands, then moving to the Bering Sea, concentrating in the Gulf of Alaska and the Aleutian Islands.
The mottled petrel uses burrows and rock crevices to nest in. It was formerly more numerous than today. The species' numbers have been and continue to be affected by predation by introduced mammals. Chicks have been reintroduced to Maungaharuru, hills 24 km from the sea, in Hawke's Bay.
Mottled petrels nest in colonies and during the breeding season they start to arrive at the colonies about 50 minutes after sunset.
These birds mainly eat lantern fish, squid, and krill. Most prey are taken from near the surface of the sea whilst the bird is in flight, but they will land on the water to feed on prey at or near the surface.
Mottled petrels are highly pelagic and are usually seen beyond the continental shelf when away from the breeding islands.
Introduced mammals, particularly feral cats, rats, feral pigs and dogs have had a significant impact on breeding colonies.

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