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Shared by : Aaditya Singh (Austria)
Region : Europe- Central and Eastern Europe, along the basin of the Danube river and some of its tributaries and in the Dnieper delta
Habitat : Near Threatened
The Danube crested newt or Danube newt is a species of newt found in central and eastern Europe, along the basin of the Danube river which passes through Austria.
The population of the Danube crested newt has declined significantly, and the International Union for Conservation of Nature has assessed its conservation status as "near threatened". The main threat is habitat destruction by humans, especially through drainage, damming, or pollution. Hybridisation with other crested newt species and a loss of breeding ponds because of decreasing spring rain in the southern range possibly due to global warming, are also seen as threats. The capture, disturbance, killing, trade, and destruction of habitats of this species is prohibited.

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