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Middle East
Gazella gazella * To See the original image, please click the image
Shared by : Simran Vedvyas (UAE)
Region : Israel, Palestine, Turkey and across the Arabian Peninsula
Status : Endangered
How easily you could have seen them in the past, how endangered they are
The mountain gazelle is widely but unevenly distributed across the Arabia. It inhabits mountains, foothills, and coastal plains.
How important role they are playing in the local ecosystem
This gazelle's distribution in the Arabian Peninsula is closely related to the distribution of Acacia trees, with the leaves and pods of these trees forming the bulk of the diet.
Where water is scarce, gazelles improve their water balance by digging for bulbs, corms and other succulent subterranean plant organs.
What kind of history they had in your region
Arabian mountain gazelle is the main animal in the history of UAE.

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