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Middle East
Persian sand CAT * To See the original image, please click the image
Shared by : Simran Vedvyas (UAE)
Region : Deserts of northern Africa and southwest and central Asia
Status : Least Concern
The sand cat (Felis margarita) is commonly called sand dune cat.
Since 2002, this small cat has been listed as Near Threatened by IUCN due to concern over potential low population size and decline.
How easily you could have seen them in the past, how endangered they are
Having thickly furred feet, they are well adapted to the extremes of a desert environment and tolerant of extremes of hot and cold temperatures.
How important role they are playing in the local ecosystem
Small rodents are their primary prey and hence they help reduce the flourishing of rodents which in excess cause harm to vegetation.
What kind of history they had in your region
No legal protection occurs in UAE for them. The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo started a sand cat reintroduction project in Israel's Arava Desert.
They are rarely seen in the wild, and there are no accurate figures for how many may live amid the sands of the UAE.
Al Ain zoo in UAE is doing what it can for this cat clan. In 2010, the first kitten was born through in-vitro fertilisation. But one battle is constantly fought- against the cats urge to roam.

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