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Middle East
Carcharhinus dussumieri terengganu
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Shared by : Mohit Talreja (UAE)
Region : Asia, Australia, Middle East
Status : Endangered
A small grey shark with moderately long rounded snout, fairly large horizontally oval eyes, a black spot on the second dorsal fin but no other markings, oblique-cusped serrated teeth in both jaws, upper teeth with strong, serrated cusplets, usually 13/13 to 14 rows of anterolateral teeth, small semifalcate pectoral fins, a small triangular first dorsal with a short rear tip and a moderately large second dorsal with a short rear tip.

Diagnostic Features: A small, slender to slightly stocky species (up to about 1 m). Snout moderately long and moderately pointed or narrowly rounded. Interdorsal ridge present. First dorsal fin small, broadly triangular, not strongly falcate, with pointed or narrowly rounded apex and posterior margin that slopes posteriorly from apex.
Colour: grey or grey brown black or dusky tip present on second dorsal fin only, other fins with pale trailing edges light stripe on flank not conspicuous.
Geographical Distribution: Indo-West Pacific: The "Gulf" and Arabian Sea between Gulf of Oman and Pakistan, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Java, Thailand, Borneo, Viet Nam, China, Japan.

Habitat and Biology: Viviparous, with a yolk-sac placenta. There is no apparent birth season, as gravid females with full-term young occur all year, but with a peak in July and August. A harmless species, probably feeding on small fishes, cephalopods and crustaceans.
Size: Maximum about 100 cm, males maturing at 65 to 70 cm and reaching at least 82 cm, females maturing at 70 to 75 cm and reaching at least 83 cm. Size at birth 37 to 38 cm. This is a very common, small inshore shark and is readily available. Small scale commercial fisheries are commonly marketed for meat for human consumption.

Source :
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