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North America
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Shared by : Aaditya Singh
Habitat : North America- Island of O'ahu in Hawaii
Status : Critically Endangered. (All living species belonging to genus Achatinella). 17 of the original species have already become extinct
A large genus of arboreal, colorful, tropical, air-breathing, nocturnal land snails.
The different species vary greatly in pattern, colour and shape with white and brown shades amongst the commonest colours.
Small snails with smooth, glossy shell, generally conical in shape.
Found on native trees and large bushes, where they graze fungi from the surfaces of leaves and stems.
Adults are hermaphrodites with both male and female parts; and give birth to live young.
Loss of habitat and Disturbances in the ecosystem caused due to human activities.
Over Collection by humans for extracting their shells.
Predation carnivorous snails introduced to the island by humans; and by rodents.
Low growth rate and low fertility rate.
Species Recovery Plan involving the protection of remaining habitat.
Establishment of captive breeding populations with the aim of introducing individuals back into the wild.
Prohibition of trade.

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