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South America
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Shared by : Aaditya Singh (Austria)
Habitat : South America- Amazon Basin in the Northern part of South America- Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil
Status : Vulnerable
Large bodied aquatic mammal that can reach 2.8 m in length and weigh half a ton.
With a hippo-like snout, seems like a combination of a hippopotamus and a seal.
Dark grey to black in colour and smooth-skinned.
Forelimbs modified into flippers like a seal's. It has no hind limbs, and the rear of the body forms a flat, rounded horizontal paddle.
Herbivores, feeding on water lettuce and hyacinth, they feed mostly during the wet season, when there is plenty of new vegetation, storing the food in their fat reserves. In the course of a day, they may eat up to 8% of their body weight.
Illegal hunting for meat and large scale commercial capture.
Incidental mortality, orphaned calves, and illegal captivity.
Oil spills, Habitat loss, alteration and disturbance.
Mercury pollution from illegal gold mining.
Natural disasters, drought, climate change.
Protected by national laws in all countries of confirmed distribution.
National management plans specific for the species.
Breeding in captivation and releasing rehabilitated Manatees back to the wild.

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