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South America
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Shared by : Aaditya Singh (Austria)
Habitat : South America- Colombia Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia - in a small part of the Andean ‘cloud forest'- a delicate humid forest type found around 2000 metres above sea level. Also found in Mexico to southern Brazil
Status : Critically Endangered , Only one wild individual has ever been documented- in 1975
Mini-miniature sized plants- grow in cool-cold regions. Mostly ornamental Abbreviated to elongate creeping rhizome gives rise to stems that lack pseudobulbs.
Stem bears a single, fleshy, erect to pendent, ovate to lanceolate leaf.
Flowers are triangular and occur singly or in racemose inflorescences. They are characterized by a showy calyx and reduced corolla.
The sepals are fused at the base and frequently caudate. The petals flank the semiterete column and the tongue-shaped lip is flexibly hinged to a free column foot.
They may be epiphytes, terrestrials or growing as lithophytes on damp rocks.
Lower elevations have suffered major habitat loss due to logging, human settlement, agriculture, grazing and extraction activities.
Highly sensitive Cloud forests ecosystems are most seriously threatened by climate change. Patchiness from farms and other anthropogenic influences.
Not known to occur in any protected areas.
Surveys and census should be conducted to determine the current size and range.
Seeds, if possible, should be collected for germplasm conservation.

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