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South America
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Shared by : Ida Ayu Mas Amelia Kusumaningtyas
Region : Bolivia (South America)
Status : CR (Critically Endangered)
Bolivian chinchilla is a subspecies of the short-tailed chinchilla that can only be found in Bolivia. These chinchilla prefer mountain grassland habitats and are presumed rare and possibly extinct. They are active at night, traveling through rock crevices using their whiskers like cats to determine if the paths are wide enough to pass through. Chinchilla have thick necks and shoulders, long hind legs to stand up straight and short front legs. Their fur colors varies according to subspecies but are usually bluish, pearl or gray upper coat with black tips on the hairs and lighter underpants. Chinchillas are known to live in colonies of up to a hundred individuals, where their diet consists of grass, herbs, and insects.
Chinchillas are endangered due to its habitat loss, and because of their fur that is hunted. It is known that chinchillas fur has been used in making fur coats, where up to 400 chinchillas are needed to make a single fur coat. Furthermore, due to mining and wood collecting, Chinchillas natural habitat is being destroyed. Chinchillas may also have to compete with other animals in their habitat for food, or shelter.

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