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South America
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Shared by : Aaditya Singh (Austria)
Habitat : South America- Galapagos Islands, off the coast of Ecuador
Status : Endangered
The largest living tortoise in the world- can be up to 1.1m long with Males being typically larger than females. Can reach an age of over 100 years.
Many subspecies with different appearances. Those living on larger islands with more rain have “dome” shaped shells, while those that live in drier conditions are smaller with a “saddleback” shell.
Carapace resembles a black, horny shield, although the lichens that sometimes live on the shell can give it a mottled appearance.
Elephantine feet have short toes and lack all traces of webbing.
Populations were historically decimated by sailors who stored them on ships to use as a source of food and water on long Pacific voyages.
In the modern day, displacement out of their habitats by non-native goats introduced by settlers- goats decimate local plant life, leaving the tortoises with no food.
Conservation work by the Galapagos National Park Directorate, with critical support from NGOs and advice from an international team of conservation scientists.
Restoring ecosystems and eliminating nonnative threats.
Trials to revive lost species through selective interbreeding in captivity.

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