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South America
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Shared by : Aaditya Singh (Austria)
Habitat : South America- Panama- in both wet rain forests and dry cloud forests in the Cordilleran Mountains. A fast-flowing stream suits them best
Status : Critically Endangered , May in fact have been extinct in the wild since 2007
Small frog- brightly-colored (light yellowish green to bright gold)- an adaptation to warn potential predators that it is very toxic and would be dangerous to eat.
Females are generally larger than males. Slim Body with long limbs, elongated and narrow fingers. Head is longer than broad, with a pointed, protuberant snout Upper surface of body is smooth with minute spicules. Skin colour ranges from light yellow-green to bright gold, with some exhibiting black spots on backs and legs.
Toxic skin secretions. Poison provides safety, and its diet helps make it toxic even to touch.
Communicates by a form of semaphore, waving at rivals and prospective mates, in addition to the sounds, an adaptation that thought to have evolved in the frog because of the noise of the fast-moving streams.
Vital habitat loss to small farms, commercialized agriculture, woodlot operations, livestock range, industrial expansion, and real estate development.
For many years, the frogs were captured and taken into hotels and restaurants to promote tourism, as well as placed in people's homes for good luck.
Spread of a fungal disease Chytridiomycosis.
Project Golden Frog. an ongoing conservation consortium which connects the Republic of Panama and USA, in an effort to ensure the survival of this species.
Individuals are kept in captive-breeding programmes in more than 50 institutions across North America and Panama.

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