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South America
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Shared by : Ida Ayu Mas Amelia Kusumaningtyas (Indonesia)
Region : Brazil (South America)
Status : Vulnerable
Rondonia marmoset is a small species of monkey found in the south-western Amazon in Brazil that are tolerate with habitat disturbance. They have dark fur on their head, forehead, and the sides of their face, which contrasts with a whitish patch in the middle of its forehead. Their tails are mostly back, where the fur on their legs becomes reddish-brown on its shins and almost black at the ankles. Rondonia marmoset's diet are usually exudates, which is a fluid emitted by an organism (usually plants) through pores.
Rondonia marmoset is considered vulnerable. It is known that the Weddell's saddleback tamarin likes to take over Rondonia marmoset's feeding sites, thus creating rivalry for eating grounds.

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