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South America
Chaetomys subspinosus-2013 * To See the original image, please click the image
Shared by : Ida Ayu Mas Amelia Kusumaningtyas (Indonesia)
Region : Brazil (South America)
Status : VU(Vulnerable)
Thin-spined porcupine, or bristle-spine porcupine, have more bristle-like spines appearing on the back that no other porcupine species possess. These porcupines can only be found in northern and central Brazil, which prefers to live in the trees of dense vegetated forest and bush regions around savannas and cultivated areas. Porcupines usually have a prehensile tail used for climbing, but a thin-spined porcupine does not have a prehensile tail. Even so, they are able to jump and climb quickly in the trees.
Cocoas are thin-spined porcupine's favorite food, but they can also eat seeds and fruits. That is why these creatures generally prefer to live in areas with cocoa trees even though they sleep in hollow tree trunks, nests, or ground holes under rocks during the day.
Thin-spined porcupine's habitats are declining fast due to deforestation and agricultural development. Their habitat is now restricted to forest remnant and forest edges. These species are very rarely seen that they were once thought extinct until re-founded in 1986.

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